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Tiger is Egypt’s leading wavy potato chip brand. Ever since its launch in 2004, it rapidly evolved, becoming the category’s leader. Tiger initially focused on the ridged potato chip attributes, with its famous strong crunch that stemmed from the rigged texture.

2019 was a comeback year for Tiger with a major re-launch in March, The relaunch was a huge success as Tiger was able to stand out from other competition emphasizing on the new intense flavors.

To complement the launch, Tiger ventured into key sponsorships, to connect with the bold and young target segment. These key sponsorships include football giants El Ahly, the Egyptian national team, the African Cup of Nations, the Egyptian League and Cup.

big chips

After obtaining the leadership in the ridged PC market, Egypt Foods Group decided to enter the flat PC category seeking the same success.

Big Chips is a 100% natural fried flat potato chips product that gives more value to the consumer as it has almost 20% more grammage than competition, bigger pack size, a crunchier bite, and more intense flavors.

Big Chips has a diverse flavor range; Sweet Chili, Chili & Lemon, Tomato, and Seasoned Cheese. 

The product comes in 3 different price points; 2LE, 3LE & 5LE.

CONO Cones & Popcorn

Cono is one of the oldest and earliest brands that Egypt Foods Group introduced to the corn category. Ever since its launch in 2006, CONO Cones has always been an unbeaten brand in the pellets subcategory, thanks to its unique cone shape and diversified flavor range.

Throughout its journey, CONO has retained its appeal to consumers.

In 2019, Egypt Foods Group decided to fully utilize CONO’s potential by launching a new subcategory: Cono Popcorn. In 2021, Cono had a packaging revamp reflecting a premium and unique look and feel to its target audience and was able to set itself apart from competitors.


Kalbaz is one of the oldest and most loved Corn Snack brands in Egypt and has become a renowned name in every household. It was the first brand launched by Egypt Foods Group upon its inauguration in 2000 and has grown ever since in equity and consumption rates.

In 2019, Kalbaz made a strong comeback to the Egyptian market. While retaining the main character, the brand underwent a makeover launching a diversified flavor range and 2 extra price points. A new platform was developed for Kalbaz “Hekayet Batal” and was manifested using a 360-communication campaign. 

In 2021, Kalbaz had a revamp regarding the flavors, packaging and new additions to the range which helped in reaching our target audience and appealing to them.


Jaguar is Egypt Foods Group’s newest corn brand – positioned as a value proposition product in the corn market where it offers consumers a great value for product. Jaguar comes in a unique shape & diverse range offering great value in the market – with 2 different price points (2 LE – 5 LE).


With a handful of brands competing in the bread snacks market category, Egypt Foods Group saw it as an opportunity to launch a brand with a fresh new look, flavors and quality. Rusky came to life in September 2018, and ever since has been continuously expanding, targeting both youth and adults looking for healthy and satisfying snacks. By 2019, a new flavor was launched for Rusky.

In 2021, Rusky’s relaunch was initiated offering a new revamped product that emphasizes freshness, great crunch, rich flavor and premium enhanced quality.


In 2020, Egypt Foods Group spun off the confectionery as a separate business unit from its salty snacks business. In October 2020, Novy brand was launched as the mother brand for the new business unit. 

Novy is the sweet part of Egypt Foods with more than 40 products within 5 different categories: chocolates, cake, biscuits, jelly & wafer with multiple flagship sub-brands like Torta, Fingers, Spaghetuss, Blazo & others. 

Novy provides consumers with high quality products of good value for money. Novy is set to be the cornerstone in a new breakthrough stage for Egypt Foods Group.